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East Village

East Village

The East Village is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood encompassing great Downtown San Diego condos for sale, trendy Downtown San Diego lofts and much more. The newly designed Ballpark District has Historically served as an industrial and warehouse center, however has now become one of Downtown San Diego's biggest, most exciting neighborhoods. The East Village encompasses 6th Street all the way to 16th Street, which is over 325 acres and over 100 city blocks. Petco Park, home field of the San Diego Padres, leads the long list of infrastructure developments in the neighborhood. This beautiful new stadium is complimented by a Park at the park, great coffee cafe', famous Fit Gym, and more There are also some great bars and restaurants located within the East Village such as El Vitrale and Basic Pizzaria. A great place to call home.

East Village Condo Buildings:

  • Fahrenheit

  • M2i

  • The Metropolitan

  • Park Loft

  • Park Blvd East

  • Park Blvd West

  • Rowhomes on F

  • Diamond Terrace

  • Metrome

  • Union Square

  • Element

  • Alta

  • 777 Sixth Ave

  • The Mark

  • Smart Corner

  • The Legend

  • Park Terrace

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