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Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter - The Historic Heart of San Diego

The trendy, sophisticated, and sensational lifestyle of the Historic Gaslamp District of San Diego. The Stingaree District, as it was formerly known, was the infamous neighborhood of Wyatt Earp brothels. This neighborhood was once the mecca for gambling halls, opium dens, and bawdy houses. Today, the Gaslamp's unique architecture is a testament to its lively heyday between 1880 and 1910 before it suffered economic and social decline throughout the 1900s. Many new an innovative high-rise and mid-rise condo buildings have been built so residents can enjoy all the downtown San Diego condos for sale.

In 1976 redevelopment agency (CCDC) made use of the historic character of the Gaslamp in order to bring new life to the city while preserving the distinctive character of the original architecture. Initial redevelopment activity of the Gaslamp was anchored by the completion of Horton Plaza in 1985. The Gaslamp encompasses a 16.5 square block neighborhood, recognized on the world stage for it's historically significant structure & Mega condos for sale. In 2003 it played host to world-class entertainment for the stars in Superbowl XXXII. The Gaslamp today houses over 100 restaurants, nightclubs, shops, movie theaters, galleries, lofts and offices. Many annual events take place in the Gaslamp, including: Street Scene, the Mardi Gras Celebration, ShamRock, Taste of Gaslamp, Cinco De Mayo and others. Let the fun begin as you search for downtown San Diego real estate.

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