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Home Buyers

Things to Consider

This area will go over many aspects you the buyer should be prepared for. Remember this area is to provoke thought. WE will be able to answer and assist in the more advanced situations a buyer might face.

Are you ready for Home Ownership? These articles will help you understand the issues involved. You will also be able to learn something about lending and financing as it pertains to home ownerhip..

FHA or VA Buyer Tip!

If you are looking to find out what complexes are FHA or VA approved for a buyer, here is a tip that will save you and your buyers a lot of time and wasted trips! Go to the FHA website link below and put in "CA" and the "Zip Code" for the area that your buyer wants to purchase in, ALL the FHA approved complexes will come up for that Zip Code. Here is the link to keep handy to begin your search!